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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Give me some time!

I am a new blogger. So, give me some time to get my feet wet with this stuff. I will get better - trust me! My friend CJ has been blogging and writing for a long time, now. She had been telling me I needed to do this. I am slow to jump on the band wagon, but when I do - I'm there for the long haul.
I have been journaling and writing emails to friends and family for over a year now. It has been very good for me as an outlet for all the thoughts and feelings I have been experiencing due to the extreme life changing events of the past year. I am hoping that by going web-wide I can get some feedback from others with these same experiences and/or feelings.
My husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (cancer of the blood) last April. It has been a rollercoaster ride ever since. He has been through 5 rounds of chemotherapy, 2 stem cell transplants and lots of tests. He has reached his plateau, but is not in remission.
He is going to start some radiation treatments to the 3 areas that are giving him trouble right now: the hips, the femurs, & the L5 & L3 vertebrae. They begin the 20 treatments next week, after which he will be getting on a maintenance program of lower doses of chemo called Velcade.
He has been getting very discouraged lately. He has been experiencing more and more aches & pains in his bones. He has begun to realize that he has to give up things he has always loved to do, like riding his motorcycle, snow skiing, water skiing, etc. His body will not longer stand up to hours and hours of laboring, whether it is for fun or for work. He can't spend the whole weekend mowing, weedeating, washing and waxing the vehicles, handling the hundreds of chores he used to.
We are extremely grateful to our Heavenly Father for all the love and encouragement He has made known to us through friends and family. It has been our saving grace. We don't know how people with no faith in Jesus Christ can withstand all the ups and downs of something like this. Knowing that however short our time together is on this earth, we will spend eternity together in heaven.
I would love to hear from others who may be going through this same experience. To hear how they are coping. Where they get information. What things have helped them. What they have learned through this journey.

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