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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Peyton, #2 grandson

Al has had a total of 3 radiation treatments now. The first one was the worst. He got chills and fever. His skin was hot to the touch. He was nauseated. But once he found out (the next day) that he was suppose to drink lots of fluids, it was better. He had also not eaten much before that first treatment & his nerves were probably pretty bad.
I sent out an all-points prayer email. It worked! The next two treatments were not so bad. It helped to have further instructions from the nurse about the fluids and they gave him some cream to put on the areas that might get "burned". He is doing well enough today to go to the deer lease with his friend Steve. Of course, he could go to the deer lease, even when he isn't feeling good, but I think he is.
He says he had lost all modesty. He has to change into "the hospital gown" with nothing but his shoes and socks on. Then he has to sit in the radiation waiting room like that until they are ready for him. They don't make those gowns big enough to cover very much of a 6 foot, 230 lb guy.
As he tells it, they lay him on the table & tie his feet together so that he doesn't move them. Then he has to stretch his arms over his head. We know what that does to the hem of your skirt, huh, ladies? (Sorry for the visual) Anyway, they are radiating his hips to his knees, so they have the gown up around his neck anyway.
When it is time to turn him, he is not suppose to move, so the nurses have to turn him. He thought it would be just a couple of nurses, the same ones each time. But NOOOOOO....he gets to show off his fine physic to about 5 new nurses each day. (He thinks the word is spreading about how buff he is - shhhhh, we won't tell him)
Anyway, although the primary job of the radiation is to arrest further deterioration of tissue, it has made his back feel better. Not sure if it is just the heat from the treatment or what......we'll take whatever we can get! Time is the only thing that will tell if the treatment is doing it's job.
Thanks for the emails and prayers.
Happy Birthday, Peyton!


CJ Merrell said...

BaHAHAHAHhah! LOL. omg.. that's funny.. maybe we should see about putting some ruffles on that gown :P

Tim said...

Wow! Great job on your blog. I'm impressed. I've seen Al naked. And it brought to mind the immortal words of Rodney Dangerfield " his mom wanted a girl, his dad wanted a boy and it looks like they were both happy". Sorry Al.