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Monday, October 27, 2008

Blood Pressure

After my last post, Al got to feeling okay. Went to work on Friday, but wasn't back to normal. We were going to go to the Bob Phillips Festival on Saturday, but he wasn't feelin up to it. Then on Sunday he got to feeling pretty bad again. I thought it was just residual effects from the virus.
Later in the day, he told me that he had been out of his blood pressure meds for a couple of days. Yeah, that will cause a few problems! All this after he had called in his meds and gone to CVS to pick them up.
Today he went to work and stayed there all day. Was feeling much better. (Duh! That's what happens when you have the proper medication.) He is still very weak, but after a few days of some food and meds and proper hydration, I think he will be good to go.
Until the next germ decides to attach itself to him. With his immune system compromised because of the chemo & stuff, he will always be subject to picking up germs that would not have bothered him a few years ago. Just another change in our lives that will probably be permanent.
He was really sorry he didn't feel up to talking with Rusty and Billy when they came out to work on painting the trim. You guys are awesome!


Rusty said...

Glad to hear Al is feeling better. Tell him not to worry about not coming out to talk because Billy talks enough for all 3 of us :-). Or maybe it's me that talks a lot, I can't remember. TJ helped paint too. Thanks Billy & TJ.

Perspective is Everything said...

Duh! Blood pressure medicine! Give him my best.. happy to hear he's feeling better.. And glad our men are moving past the sheetz.