"It is He who reveals the profound and hidden things; He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him." -Daniel 2:22
"Do not fear, for I am with you..." -Isaiah 43:5
"...we are not presenting our supplications before You on account of any merits of our own, but on account of Your great compassion." -Daniel 9:18

Sunday, October 19, 2008

House Painting

These wonderful people came to our house today and began scraping and painting the trim. We had painted the house a couple of years ago before Al was diagnosed, but never got to the trim. This spring, my Mom and I had tried to get it done, but didn't make much headway. When I was exchanging emails with our pal Rusty, he asked if we had any projects that needed doing. His softball team wanted to begin doing mission projects. At first, I didn't think we had any until I remembered the trim painting. That was only about a week ago and here they are...I pray God's blessing upon them. They will have to come back next weekend & bring some of the guys who couldn't make it this weekend. We really do appreciate the help.

Al is doing very well, but when he starts feeling better, he thinks he can go right back to doing all the things he used to could do. He can't. He overdoes it and winds up totally exhausted and in great pain. When others come and help get these things done, it takes the burden off him to worry about getting them done. Even though I think it is killing him to sit back and watch other people do things for him. Maybe, next, we can get some help dismantling the paintball coarse, hint, hint. It will make a fantastic bonfire!

We have lots of friends and family that we know who are more than willing to come and help. I am not using all those chips, just yet. I want him to do what he can because it makes him feel better to do something. Right now, he still can, to a point. In the future we will probably have to call on our fantastic son-in-law, Mark, along with his 4 strong boys or his best friend, Steve or his son, Keith, to help out with some things.

Since the whole economy has gone bust, we have decided God wants us to just sit tight where we are until He shows us His plan. In the meantime, Al and our wonderful son, Justin, have begun the big CLEAN UP. Justin works shift work and doesn't have a lot of days off when Al is off, but he is great about using his days to help around the farm. This will be a big help when & if the Lord allows us to sell and move. A lot less stuff to have to move or get rid of.

Getting rid of all the "stuff" you have collected over 25 years is a long, slow process. I am very proud of Al for beginning to let go of some of it. He has always been one to keep everything because he might have use of it some day. So....we have an acre of metal and wood and tools and gadgets and thingamagigs and whatchamacallits, just to name a few.

He has made great headway in starting the cleanup. Maybe by the time the economy kicks back into gear, we might have gotten rid of a lot of the stuff he will never need. It is very hard to give up your dreams and to know that all those projects you had been wanting to do....will never happen.

We will just have to come up with some new dreams, a new direction that is more appropriate to what our lives will be like in the future. We thank God that we have come this far in the battle of this disease. As a friend from many years ago wrote, we are trusting in the Bigger "C". Christ is bigger than cancer. He gives us a hope and a future, because He lives.

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Rusty said...

Karen & Al, we are all more than happy to help however we can. It's just a drop in the ocean compared to all the time and service you've given to people over the years. And thank you so much for the sandwiches and brownies you made for us. Those were worth the trip alone :-) You have always been great and generous hosts. And thank both of you so much for loving my son Jaxon. He loves coming to visit you, and I hope he wasn't too much of a handful or disruption.

And also, I'd love to help tear down the paintball course if you want. I was going to offer our help for that when we came back this weekend.