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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just Another Fun Day at the Hospital

Yesterday, we spent all day at Baylor hospital. Labs, Dr. visit, a couple of hours in the infusion room for his Aredia and a new chemotherapy drug, Velcade, then on to radiation. We got to eat lunch from the hospital cafeteria while he was hooked up to the IV. They really have pretty good food.
The visit with the oncologist did not have any surprises. He asks a lot of questions about how Al has been feeling. The answer: he has really been doing pretty well, lately. He has some uncomfortable side effects from the radiation, but nothing that can not be managed pretty easily. His back has been feeling much better. He has quit taking any pain medication other than occasional Tylenol or Advil. His legs ache a little, once in a while. The pain in both places is sporadic. He is sleeping better.
We give all the praise and glory to our Heavenly Father who is granting him some relief!
So...the doc started him on the Velcade immediately. It is a shot to be given by IV twice a week for two weeks, then one week off. He will go through about 4 cycles of this before they do any further testing. It is not suppose to make him sick or his hair fall out or anything, so hopefully, he will be feeling better and better.
When Al first went to see the oncologist, he had 5 grams of plasma cells in his blood. The first couple of chemotherapy treatments knocked it down pretty good, but also took a great toll on his body. The first transplant brought the plasma cells down to .6, which is pretty good, but we were hoping for zero. After the last transplant, the amount of plasma cells did not diminish further, so they are going to try to get it to zero using the Velcade. But no steroids, if possible. You will remember, it was the steroids that caused all these problems with his hips.
As for all the issues with hips, legs, back....they are all on the list to be monitored. None of the issues are serious enough, at this point, to warrant any kind of surgery (whew!).
After the radiation and the rounds of this new chemo...he will undergo all the tests again... blood, bone marrow biopsy, MRI, etc. Then we will see how this new treatment has worked.
We are thankful to be in a place of peace. We look around in the waiting room of each floor and see the devastation of cancer. It is staggering to see the numbers of people who are suffering just in this one hospital. And there are so many of these hospitals around the country and the world. We feel grateful to have access to great medical care, to have great medical insurance and to have a merciful and compassionate God.

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Perspective is Everything said...

I'm so glad he's feeling better.. I'm curious to hear more about the hospital food.. since I know how much he loves food.. lol. :P