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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


After Al told the doctor how he has been feeling, the doctor said we would postpone more chemo for a week. I was happy that Al really told him how he was feeling. Sometimes he tries to be his own doctor and decide what he wants to tell the oncologist.
The doctor needs to see what the results are from the blood tests & that will take a few days. Meanwhile, he has given Al a new medicine for the neuropathy in his legs. This is the main cause of his not being able to rest.
We will go back next week and see what the tests say. If this chemo is not reducing the protein levels at all, then he will discontinue this treatment and look for something else. The protein level is only 0.5%, but we would like to achieve ZERO.
The doctor is concerned about quality of life and work for Al. If it is achieving no visible results, but creating all these adverse side effects - then there is no point in continuing it.
If, however, this chemo has had some effect on his protein levels (reduction, hopefully), then he will look at continuing it, but maybe at a lower dose.
This extra week will give us time, also, to see if the Lyrica works on the neuropathy. If it is successful, and the protein levels have gone down, he may stay at this dosage with a solution to the most adverse of the side effects.
One thing we did not address, was his tiredness and lack of energy. His red and white blood cell counts are still not up where they need to be, so this is a big part of it. He takes Folic Acid to help. The doctor was gone before I could remember to say something about it... I will address that next week, if he has not improved.
Pray for good results from all this.... God is soooo good. We give Him all the praise for the progress we have made in this fight.

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Perspective is Everything said...

YAY for a break! How do you keep up with all of that.. makes my head spin. That's not really saying much though.. want to get together.. let's shoot for next week.. LOVE YOU .. xoxoxo. YOU keep me going!