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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From Bad to Good to Terrible

I guess the last time I blogged was about a week ago. In that time we have gone from bad to good to terrible - several times. At that time, Al was recovering from the nasty intestinal virus that hit him very hard and caused him to become extremely dehydrated. During all of that he still managed to get to the hospital twice a week for the past few weeks to get his chemo shots and go to work almost every day and spend some time getting ready for deer hunting.Meanwhile, I was busy rearranging the entire house to try to get him his favorite spot back for his chair in the living room. A desk with computer had previously occupied that space for the past few years. There is still much stuff to find a place for, but the major stuff has been moved with the help of our son, Justin.In the moving, which included my computer, I seemed to have lost my internet connection. I got a USB port to catch it with wireless connections, but have not been able to get it to work, yet. Today I pulled out the laptop with Al's internet card to get online. Hopefully, I will get mine up and running sometime this week. It is my connection to the rest of the world! So if you don't get a response from me via email, just call me. I do still talk on the phone sometimes. (See below)So, there were bright spots when he seemed to feel okay and felt like talking or interacting, but by the end of the week, not so much. It seems that most of the things that have caused him pain in the past, are all hurting again. I remember thinking, not too long ago, that if the pain went away with radiation, what would happen after the radiation was no more? Well, that time appears to be here and it is not good.His legs don't exactly hurt, but they cause him some discomfort. His hips and back hurt, even with the Hydrocodone. So much so that he isn't sleeping well. The heating pad helps some. But his stomach is still upset almost all of the time. He really has to push the liquids every day to keep from getting dehydrated again. He does a pretty good job of that, because I told him if he didn't, I would take him to the hospital for the fluids. Fortunately, they gave him some fluids by IV while he was at the hospital getting his monthly meds.He did get up and go deer hunting with Steve yesterday. He lasted all day, even though it was pretty hot. I went down there in the late afternoon and he wasn't feeling the best, but he stuck it out for the evening hunt. But he is paying for it today.I had all the good intentions of getting up and going to church today.....He did not sleep much, he is in pain and can't seem to get comfortable. Please pray for him to find some relief. I think he is just going to have to cut way back on what he does. I remember when he used to leave the house on the Friday before deer season opened and we didn't see him again until the following Sunday evening. No more.He is going to have to learn to take things very slowly and shorten his "playing time". I think it is going to take most of his energy just to make it to work and back as many days as he can.I don't know what all this means. He does not have chemo this week. I think they will begin doing tests next week to see what kind of effects the radiation and this new chemo have had, if any. If this chemo is not making things any better, I don't know what comes next.I know it is no fun having to go to work every day, feeling like he does. Especially when it seems that his boss is no longer very understanding. Pray for his bosses' heart to be softened toward his situation. And, of course, continue to pray that God's will be done in our lives. Healing would be good, but His will is most important.On a lighter note: I hope you enjoy my playlist! I know it is very eclectic and some are very ancient, but they are songs that lighten the heart in different ways. If you don't like what is playing, just click the forward button and it will change to something else.Also: I was gifted with a couple of bottles of "The Origianl Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce" and asked to write a review here on my blog. Yes, it is shameless advertising, but I said I would.I would have to say that I liked the sauce. It has a sweet, smokey taste that goes well with the hamburger patties that we used it on. I have not had a chance to use it on other meats, but feel it would be good with pork ribs. Look them up online to buy some.Another note: We cancelled our land line at the house because it just seemed like a waste of money when we mostly use our cell phones and all we would get are telemarketers, anyway.If you need to call, here is my cell : 972.743.0507 If you need Al or Justin or my mom, Lutean, call me and I will give you their number.Love to hear from you!We missed most of the football games, we missed the Country Reporter Festival, we missed the Fall Festivals. We have missed being involved with youth, going on missions trips, doing fund raisers, cooking for lots of causes, ... just being involved. We will be missing a whole lot more of the things that others take for granted being able to do. BUT we are trying to find new ways to enjoy the life we have now. God is good and we look to Him for our strength.Thanks to all who pray....who believe....who minister....who carry on....who persevere....

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Perspective is Everything said...

I miss my friend! Bring me some sauce.. and the barbecue kind too.. lol.. I'm surviving surrender WITH you.. or (giving up) I think is a more appropriate term. X) love, hugs, & prayers.. and some girl time this week