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Monday, November 10, 2008

Just No Energy

Last week I was hoping for some marked improvement for the side effects Al has been dealing with, since he did not receive any chemo. He did seem to feel a little better for a day or so, but then the fatigue seems to slam him. I think that when he starts feeling even marginally better, he rushes around trying to do too much and then WHAM!
We went to the orthopaedic surgeon on Friday. They took xrays. He sees no change, which is good. There is still plenty of bone structure. You can see on the xrays where the edges of his bones (we are mainly talking about his femurs) are a little rough. It looks a little like an old piece of wood where the edges are weathered. We will go back for xrays every 3 months to track this. If it gets to where there is too much erosion, then we will have to talk about the rods in his legs. Pray that is very, very far down the road.
We went to the movies to see Madagascar 2 after the doctor. Those penguins need to get a movie of their own - they steal the show! Then had dinner out with Al's dad, sister & brother-in-law, my mom & Justin. Tried the orginial Cafe Roma's in Lancaster - fantastic white pizza.
Al went hunting Saturday morning with Steve, while I spent the morning at the riding center. Rusty brought Jaxon out to ride a little and he just loved it!
Al shot an 8-point. So our freezer will be full next week. Guess I'd better get it cleaned out! Then Saturday evening we sat out in the yard around a campfire. Justin and Charli made s'mores. Lewayne and Virgil came by for a bit. It was nice. I love me a campfire.
Yes, we did get up and go to church, but I think Al slept through most of it. He just can't stand up for more than 5 minutes any longer. He has not been sleeping well, so that adds to all the other fatigue. I hate not going, but I hate that he is not able to enjoy going. He wants to get out of the house and do things, but it just totally wipes him out.
I want to say Thank You to Rusty, Billy, Tobey, Scott and all those on the men's softball team who were involved in coming out to the house and painting the trim. (Amber, too) Some that came didn't even know us. But God knows who you are and I pray His ample blessings upon you all and your family. It is a great load off my mind to have that job done.
We will be going back to the primary oncologist tomorrow to see what tests he want to do to see what, if any, effect this chemo is having on the cancer. Al says he is going to see if they will suspend the chemo treatments for a while to let his body start feeling better. I don't know if this is an option. I don't know if this is a good idea. I don't really know much of anything.
Please pray that God would give Dr. Maisel wisdom in his assessments and how to deal with a man who just wants to feel better, but may not ever.... I could use some prayer, also, to remain in Christ. To deal with Al through the power of the Holy Spirit and not let frustration and other human emotions rule the situation.
I will post again after we see what happens at the doctor's office tomorrow. Love to all.
Much love and thanks to our daughter, Kim. We love your pico! It was a great treat to come home and find you had delivered some.

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