"It is He who reveals the profound and hidden things; He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him." -Daniel 2:22
"Do not fear, for I am with you..." -Isaiah 43:5
"...we are not presenting our supplications before You on account of any merits of our own, but on account of Your great compassion." -Daniel 9:18

Monday, December 8, 2008

God Sings to Us through Others & Table Decor

Whew! what a busy week, this past week. It seems everyone wants to do things in the first week of December. It has been such a blur, I don't even remember it all...
Taking the tree down from the attic, rearranging the furniture to accomodate it, the ice maker is on the blink (no ice for weeks! devastating), the bathroom sink has a drip (took 3 trips to Home Depot to get that fixed), last minute invite to decorate a table at the WBC Women's Christmas dinner, helping Jill and Emily decorate the trailer for the Waxahachie Christmas Parade, shopping for decorations....It was all fun, but very tiring.
I only had a fuzzy idea about what I would do for table decorations on Friday evening. Jill and I shopped all day on Wednesday to try to find just the right table covering. All I knew at that point was that it would involve grapes. As Mother was decorating a table also & she was using her gold dishes, I didn't want to use gold also. I choose my burgundy and purple plates, along with the grape decor from my kitchen.
I began to pray about it. Yes, I was praying about table decorations!
As I had exhausted all other posibilities for a table covering and wasn't coming up with what I thought would work, I resorted to the fabric dept. All the table cloths, so far, had been in red and green or just not the right color. (I am a non-conformist and was determined to do something that really spoke about the real reason for the season-I don't think Jesus was born in a manger with red and green swaddling clothes!) Then I spotted the burlap. I wasn't sure how it would look, but it seemed the right thing to get, so I jumped out in faith and bought 5 yards. Cheap.
God put the idea in my head to have a table decorated for communion. I still did not have a good idea what it would look like until I got there and put it all together. I had my dishes & things, I had some of Mother's candlesticks and things, I used some of Laura Riza's napkins and rings, I used a fruit bowl from Jean Heffernan - it was a group effort. Wanda Westlake gave great advise. Johnny Carino's makes great communion bread and Welch's the "wine".
I must say, God sets a pretty table. It all came together: the tower of wooden bowls and candlesticks surrounded by a grapevine wreath with red berries & topped with a cross. All on top of a table covered with burlap, grape and burgundy plates (both square and round) and glasses embellished with grapes.
It was so fun to have most of my good friends sitting at that table with me. CJ and Jill and Kellie and Emily and Lisa.
To top the evening off, He sang to my heart through my good friend, Lisa Crouch. Any time Lisa sings - it fills my heart with such overpowering gratitude to Him, that I can not contain it. I cried and cried. (Imagine, me, crying in church!) It was so cleansing to have that opportunity to be held in the arms of God and my friends, while I sobbed my grateful heart out. Afterwards, about seven of us adjourned to the other room for a quick prayer time. It was such a blessing.
As it turned out, the table decorations were a reflection of Siyan Fayiga's message for the evening - we don't have to celebrate Christmas the way the world has told us we should. It doesn't have to be red and green and glittery. Celebrate the way God tells you to.
So, let God help you, even with the small stuff, like table decorations. You will enjoy it all the more and reap many blessings in the process.
The next morning, Jill, Emily and I were in the parade for Campfire Creek Therapeutic Riding Center. It was my first parade. Fun. I just rode in the back of the truck, mainly to take pictures of Anne and Seth and Bernice and all the kids that come for therapy. They and their parents seemed to be having a ball despite the cold. By Saturday evening, I was so exhausted, I think I went into a coma for about 10 hours.
BUT....the really good news is that Al and Justin finally got to go to a gun show for a few hours. Al had to sit down part of the time, and it really wore his legs out, but he slept really good Saturday night, too. The first time in a very long time. He is still in a lot of pain and still taking a lot of pain meds, but once in a while there are small signs that he may get better at some point. He felt well enough to go out to dinner and a movie with Billy Eaton on Friday night, too, while us gals were having our dinner.
All in all, it was a great start to a celebration of the birth of Christ. I am praying that our family will continue to look to Him for our strength, our direction, our physical and spiritual healing and our hope. And I am praying the same for you....

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Rusty said...

I'm very glad to heard that Al is feeling better at times and is able to do some stuff he enjoys. We will keep praying for him.