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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For...You Just Might Get It!

Hope you enjoy the pictures that I enjoy snapping outside my back door early in the morning, late in the evening or whenever the mood strikes me.
This is only Wednesday and it has already been a crazy week! Remember just a few days ago when I was whinning about not having anything to do? Don't do that. Since then, it has been non-stop go, go, go.
Al was in bed all day for several days this past week with an upper respitory infection. He was good. He went straight to the doctor as soon as he started getting sick. (Unlike years past) He stayed home from work, took his meds. But the cough medicine must have reacted with some of his other meds because it made him dizzy and just plain weird. He had a really terrible cough. He coughed so hard, he burst a blood vessel in his eye. I was concerned about the infection getting into his lungs and giving him pneumonia, but he (doctor that he is) assured me that it was not that bad.
Of course, this was over the weekend when you would have to take a trip to the emergency room if you needed a doctor. So, I allowed him the benefit of the doubt. He seemed to be getting better. By Sunday afternoon, he was okay to get up and help a couple of young ladies get their truck out of the mud in front of our house, when they came knocking. And he helped me take down the Christmas tree and put it in the attic (finally!). But he did have some more severe coughing fits and have trouble breathing. He still would not go to the doctor. He just went back to bed.
Monday morning we had to get up and drive to East Texas for a business meeting. I usually try to go with him on out of town trips to relieve him from driving all the time. Thankfully the company allows me to drive the truck. The meeting itself was a concern and ours prayers were answered that all went well and his company was not liable for mistakes made on this job. He did well. Not too much coughing. Seemed to be feeling better. Went to bed early.
Tuesday: another day for me to get out of bed at 4:30 am! (I don't see how he does it all the time.) Off to the office for a few hours before time to go see the oncologist. Good news.
All seems to be going well. They didn't do a CBC this time. That's where they check the protein levels in his blood. The doctor says to check it every month is like weighing yourself every day. You don't see much change. But his protein level a few months ago was .04% and now it is down to .03%, so this chemo is having some effect. That is great, since all we were hoping for was that it would maintain a steady level and not go up.
Because of the chemo and his fighting this respiratory stuff, his HCT (red & white blood cell count) was really, really low. No energy. So they gave him a shot of neupogen. It's the same stuff they gave him before his transplants that boost cell production.
His neuropathy (nerve pain in his legs and feet), is slowly getting better. It only took 2 months for the chemo Velcade to nearly paralyze him, but it has taken 3-4 months for it to even begin to start reversing those effects.
By the way, the doctor listened to Al's lungs & I was right. He did have pneumonia. BUT, because he had a breathing treatment already scheduled the day he began to get sick and because he went straight to the doctor for antibiotics, it did not ever get severe. The doctor says that pneumonia is easier to treat than the common cold, if you catch it in time. If not, it is what many people die from because they do not get it treated early enough.
So, we are looking forward to 3 weeks without a doctor's appointment. When Al can shake this respiratory stuff, he feels things will be looking up. He is expecting to feel like tackling a few projects around the place this summer, go turkey and varmit hunting, do lots of shooting, drive to Colorado and New Mexico in the coming months and who knows what else? When he has the energy, he is hard to keep up with.
Unfortunately, he did not sleep hardly at all last night, so he woke up extremely tired. Went to sleep a little before going on to work. I don't know if it was the neupogen shot or him laying awake worrying about me and Justin and work and a gillion things. I will have to remind him of Bruce's sermon of a few weeks ago about worrying.
Monday evening, I had a few of my heroes of the faith over to my house. We had a great time of sharing and prayer. I know that it is these prayers and those of all the ones all over the country who pray for us - many we do not even know - that sustain us, that bring us the victories. I hope to be invited to the homes of others who wish to join in prayer for our families and our churches and our communities. Thanks to all who came and all those who wanted to, but weren't able.
I am so thankful to our Lord for all the heroes of faith he has put into my life. Those who have won victories for me when I was not equipped or able to fight them. My prayer is that I meet even more who will fight for me and beside me in the battles ahead. I hope that I am and can be a hero to others, fighting for their victories, when they are weary and need a break.
So my time of inactivity seems to be over....becareful what you wish for....you just might get it! I have had 4 or 5 invitation arrive in the mail this week. Birthday parties, pampered chef parties, wedding parties, invites to dinner, invites to lunch....Don't tell me God isn't listening!
Seriously, I am going to do them all. I can't wait to jump back into the land of the living and for Al to be running circles around me, even if it makes me crazy!!!! Which it will not.
2009 is going to be a fun year.

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