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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dem Bones, Dem Bones

Al and I spent a lovely day in Dallas on Friday - NOT. We were in and out of different doctor's offices. Had some blood tests. Saw the oncologist. His cell count is pretty low, which it has been with this latest chemo. Got another shot of neupogen to boost that. Thankfully, he was not wired for 3 days, like the last time.
Even with the good pain medication, he has still been in a lot of pain. He takes them and they do well for a couple of hours, then he is watching the clock waiting for time to take more. So the doc gave him the same stuff in a slow release form. Now he only has to take it twice a day, and it seems to work much better.
Then we went to the orthopedic surgeons for our 3 month checkup. Took more X-rays of his legs. There doesn't seem to be much change, but the right leg is giving him some concern. There has been some deterioration and he is concerned that it might break with too much stress. We want to avoid a break, as that would be a lot more pain and recovery. He wants to put a rod in Al's right thigh. Well, he wants to do them both, but right now we are only talking about the right leg.
The indicator he usually uses is pain. If you are experiencing a lot of pain, then it would signal the need to put in the rods to relieve the stress. But since Al is on pain meds for the neuropathy, he doesn't really know if there would be pain in his thigh bones. So, we were given a 3 month reprieve on the surgery. It could go either way, so we wait. But, he will probably get the surgery sometime after the next visit to the surgeon. We want to do it BEFORE the bone gets too weak to hold his weight.
We have not yet gotten the results from his CBC blood tests to see how the protein levels are. We hope to hear something this week and that they have been further reduced by the chemo he is currently taking.
Our prayer requests would be for wisdom to know when the right time is for the surgery. That his protein levels would be further reduced. That the neuropathy would receed. That he would be as pain free as possible, for as long as possible. That is cell count would rise, giving him more energy.

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Rusty said...

We will continue to pray. Thank you for keeping us updated.