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"Do not fear, for I am with you..." -Isaiah 43:5
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Putman Hospital

God must be trying to teach me something. Everywhere I turn in this house is someone in need of nursing. Mother continues to experience weakness and stomach upset. I have no idea what the problem is. I think she will go back to the doctor for more bloodwork and maybe see a specialist.
Justin just got over swollen tonsils not too long ago and is even now on his way to the dentist to see about having his wisdom teeth out.
Yesterday, I had to make an unexpected visit to Dr. Mike for our youngest member, our dog, Kailee. She got bitten by a neighborhood dog. Had to have x-rays. Now she is on pain meds and antibiotics! She is doing well, but the wound has to be watched. The offender left evidence, a canine tooth inside her abdomen. It did not penetrate all the way through, but is in the 1st layer, Mike says.
Al went to visit his back doctor on Monday. Took more x-rays. The L3 crack has repaired itself, but the L5 has not. Will continue to watch it. Same situation as with the legs, pain is the big indicator. Are not anticipating any need for surgery at this time.
After our visit with the orthopedic surgeon on Friday and thinking we had a 3 month reprieve on the surgery - we are re-thinking this. Last Saturday, Al & I went out to the CCTRC barn.
While I was visiting with Emily and Jill, working on a newsletter project, etc., Al was outside enjoying the day and talking with Bobby. Our meeting went kind of long & come to find out, Al had been standing by his truck this whole time! By that evening, he was in pain. It did not get much better over the next few days. Then the nurse at the back doctor told him he could break his leg by what he did on Saturday. Just the weight of his body could break his leg while standing. So he called the surgeon back and scheduled an appointment for this coming Friday to discuss going ahead with the surgery.
We would ask your prayers for God's hand in this decision and on his doctor. I know that Al is not a fan of surgery or the hospital. But, in this case, it was his idea. It is amazing to me that throughout this whole ordeal that he has yet to be admitted to the hospital. He spent a few hours in the emergency room in the beginning when he got dehydrated, but that is all. Isn't God wonderful? The way He knows what will make us more comfortable - even when the situation is irreconcilable.
Please pray for Al's mental state of mind, also. He tries not to think about it, but I know that he is really getting discouraged about never feeling good, having no energy, in too much pain to walk very much, not feeling like going anywhere or doing anything. His mind is still building things, cooking fantastic BBQ, shooting, hunting, snow skiing, boating, water skiing, fishing, watching grandkids ball games, riding on the tractor, helping people, and much, much more. But his body just won't cooperate. Pray God gives him something interesting to do that will replace the more physical activities he has been used to all his life.
I thank our Lord that there is this procedure that will ease his pain and stabilize the bone. The surgeon says that it is a pretty simple day surgery. Two weeks recovery. They would insert a rod into his thigh bone and anchor it at the hip and knee. He will have to have it eventually in both legs, so we might as well do one before the bone breaks. He will be the "Man of Steel".
Will write an update next weekend after we have visited with the surgeon.
To God be the Glory!

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Anonymous said...

Just want you to know that you are such an encouragement. Through the midst of your trials, you continue to give God all glory. I'll continue to keep ya'll in my prayers. And, thank you.