"It is He who reveals the profound and hidden things; He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him." -Daniel 2:22
"Do not fear, for I am with you..." -Isaiah 43:5
"...we are not presenting our supplications before You on account of any merits of our own, but on account of Your great compassion." -Daniel 9:18

Friday, March 6, 2009

Job Market

I have been pounding the keyboard this week filling out resumes. Boy, have times changed since I last applied for a job! Everything is on-line. There is almost no one to talk to about a job. So I apply and I wait. I bet I applied to about 20 different websites, not counting already being registered at Work in Texas. Not very much out there. I heard there were jobs at the post office, if you can figure out how to apply. My resume is not all that fantastic, since I have spent the past 15 years working part-time & mostly in ministry.
But I have faith that God will supply me with the job He wants for me, when the time is right.
I'm not sure what the outcome of selling the land and house will be - our brother-in-law was going to help us, but he just got put back in the hospital with heart problems. Will have to come up with another game plan. We have not had time to really decide what to do about that.
It's Friday and next week is another opportunity for us to do what the Lord puts before us. We know that we will be just fine. It's just the headaches of doing everything that has to happen to get there. Downsizing is no easy task, especially when you have so many variables in the mix.
Al is doing much better - as far as the operation goes. He has been walking with only one crutch for the past week. He drove himself to his doctor appointments on Thursday (so I could pound on the keyboards for many more hours), then he drove himself to work today. He went in early & it is now after noon. He will be wiped out when he comes in.
We won't go back to the surgeon for another 4 weeks, but will see the oncologist next week. Our prayer would be that the chemo keeps the cancer under control (it would be nice if they came up with a drug that would do the job without also killing all his red blood cells) and that he fully recovers from this surgery so that we can go ahead with the other surgery.
Thanks for the prayers, support and good wishes.

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