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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Downhill Slide

Whew! I have been working at a steady pace these past few weeks trying to get this house ready to put on the real estate market. But we are on the downhill slide. God has been so good to give me the strength each day to accomplish the tasks that have needed to get done. He has provided others to come along side to help with things that I just couldn't get to.
The attic is clean. (Thanks to our kids) All furniture is moved to storage or given away, except the essentials. (Our kids, their friends, the Holmes) A couple of rooms got painted. All the other rooms got touch up paint. The bathrooms got a good cleaning. (Thanks Dickie and Gloria!) Some garage sale items have gotten priced and the rest will get done today. (Thanks Steve and Ina!) The windows, ceiling fans and baseboards got cleaned. (Thanks Brenda, Kim and Elsa!) Others are coming on Saturday to get the kitchen cleaned good. The garage sale is here this Friday and Saturday. The carpet gets cleaned on Monday.
I have called the real estate agent to get it on the market next week.
We still have lots to do outside, but Al has not been able to do much because of the weather. Every time he gets things set up to do, it rains. This place takes a lot of wind and sunshine to dry up! We live in the blacklands. Ooey, gooey gumbo dirt. Good for farmers, not so good for anything else.
But we will get there. God's timing is perfect and we just have to wait on Him to get things all in place. We could use a few days to rest, anyway.
Al has been experiencing more pain in his back, again. They took him off the Aredia (bone strengthening) that he has had once a month for 2 years, to do the leg operation. That is why he is anxious to get back to the doctor in a couple of weeks to see if he will go ahead and do the operation on the other leg right away. Then he can get back on the Aredia.
The stomach cramps and other things he was experiencing for several weeks have gotten better since he started taking more pain meds for his back. He had been cutting way back on the pain meds. I am thinking it could have been withdrawal. That is a bridge we will eventually have to cross, but not today. Right now, he needs the pain meds. And we won't worry about it as long as he does need the medicines.
Charli continues to experience cramping and bleeding. We go to the doctor again today. Many have told us that they had these experiences during their preganacy. I can not speak to any of this as I had a great pregnancy with no sickness whatsoever. We just want the baby to be healthy.
Our prayer requests for this week would be:
(1) Quick sale of our property for a good price
(2) The health of Charli and the baby
(3) Al's discomfort would improve, his body healed
We thank you all and appreciate all your continued prayers. In Christ's Name we give Thanks.

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