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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Same Surgery, Second Femur

The second surgery to insert a titanium rod into Al's other femur was a success. All went well & he is doing good. Seems to have more pain, but that could be due to the fact he is moving around more, sooner, than the last one.
The first time, it took him two tries with the physical therapist before they would let him come home. I told the surgeon that, if I know my husband, it wouldn't take twice this time. I was right. I got to the hospital on Friday morning, the day after surgery, around 9 am. He had already done his walk down the hall and seen both the surgeon and his oncologist.
We are very thankful that he has done so well with both surgeries. The only problem he really had was the hiccups. He had several long episodes yesterday. I think it was a reaction to anesthesia. They did not have him do breathing therapy after this surgery, like the last one. He took it upon himself to do some. Luckily we still had the apparatus at home.
That is one of my biggest concerns with him, getting a respiratory infection. It seems to be one of the biggest killers of cancer patients. He has had monthly breathing treatments for the past year, since his stem cell transplants. By order of the transplant doctor. I believe that has prevented him getting sick several times. But, he has his last treatment next week, so that is a big prayer request that God would continue to shield him from that type of illness.
Al is getting around pretty well on his crutches. He was able to move his leg around more frequently that very first night after surgery, so he feels that helped to keep it from getting so stiff. It will take a week or so before he is able to completely dress himself and begin to walk on it without crutches.
Our next visit to the oncologist will be in about 2 weeks, when he will have to have a bone marrow biopsy. They will be checking the protein levels since he has been on a lower dose of Revlimid for the past few months. His favorite thing! I hope they are able to give him an IV, so it is not so painful.
I pray that the cancer levels have not gone back up. Lowering the chemo dose, does not seem to have made any impact on his energy level. It is still very low. We will see if there is any change in the red and white blood cell counts on his next visit.
That is pretty much all that is going on these days. We are still waiting for someone to be interested in our property. We are still waiting for someone to be interested in giving me a job interview. Assuming that this is even in God's plan for us.
Meanwhile, we celebrate what and when we can......a baby coming (Charli has been doing better), all our kids and family are healthy and doing well, God's abundant provision for us - physically, mentally and spiritually, and Al will be turning 58 next week.

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