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Monday, June 8, 2009

SURPRISE! /// Have another round ..... of chemo

Last week things seem to be turning around. We got some good news about finances. Looks like we are going to be able to hang on to our property....at least until it sells. With help from several different sources.
If we can ever get all this paperwork together and get the disability claim turned in, we will do okay...eventually. We pray for a swift decision and that it would work in our favor. The determination they make on our claim has a direct bearing on what I need in a job (benefits). If they were to consider him disabled at the time of his stem cell transplants, then I would not need a job that would cover him, insurance wise. If they set the date at the time of his separation from work, then I will need a job that would cover him. It can all be very confusing and hard to keep up with.
I got several chances to apply for some promising job opportunities. Will have to wait to see how they all pan out and if any actual job offers materialize. Please pray that I would recognize the one that God has for me.
Friday, George came and got Al and took him for his 1st root canal. It took like 3 hours, but Al felt so much better afterward. He was estatic to be able to eat and drink without pain. Thanks George! Only a couple more to go.
Sunday we had a great time of fellowship at the church-wide picnic after services. Then we came home to a pasture full of cars. I was sort of stunned, at first. I couldn't figure out what was going on. My husband, along with Kim and Lewayne and other family members had arranged a surprise 25th anniversary party. I was really surprised. It was great! Beautiful cake. Lots of good friends. We missed all those that couldn't make it, but enjoyed more fellowship throughout the afternoon. Half of those people were the same ones we had talked with at church that morning! What a blessing! Thanks to all who came and all who prepared a truly special event. It really means a lot to me.
It was fantastic to see Perry and Annette Prudhomme (call Al and let him know how things went for you this week 972.824.8185)
Today, we went for the monthly checkup. The results of those tests done last month were okay. Not great, but okay. The cancer levels had risen, slightly. Last time the level was at .3% and it had risen to .4%. So the oncologist feels the Revlimid's usefulness is over. He is taking him off that chemo pill. In a couple of weeks he will start a new regime of once a month IV of Cytoxan. He has had a few doses of this before during stem cell transplant procedures. It will still effect his energy level and might nauseate him, but they will give him meds for that. He might lose a little hair, but not all.
They are waiting a few weeks so that he can get over the bronchitis infection that developed suddenly yesterday evening. As soon as everyone left - wham! it hit him. Needless to say he did not sleep well and neither did I. I am so afraid of it turning into pneumonia. The doc gave him a Rx for antibiotics to knock it out.
We also had to stay for several hours today for him to get back on Aredia. It is the bone strengthening IV he used to get every month. He was taken off while having surgeries. If he were getting any other kind of dental work done, he probably would have to remain off it, but as they are working below the gum lines, he says he is at greater risk of bone breaks without it.
So, the cancer is not in remission, but it is under control. Our main focus now is to avoid any breaks and infections. The doc told him that if he feels he needs to go into the hospital for a few days for fluids or whatever, it is better than dying of pneumonia. Seriously.
I wish he were still getting a monthly breathing treatment. It seemed to help keep his lungs clear and he never got sick while getting them.
Now we have a new chemotherapy, for the time being. It will probably change again when the new drug becomes available.
We ran into Steve Newport. He was getting a checkup. His cancer is returning. He is still on dialysis every night. Didn't get to get a full update or see Gaynelle, but hope she will email us with the latest results. We are praying for you, Steve!
Our prayer is that the antibiotics would knock this infection out quickly, so that he can feel good for a few weeks before he gets the next chemo.

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