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"Do not fear, for I am with you..." -Isaiah 43:5
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Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July, Putman Style

We had a great time on the 4th watching the kids pop fireworks and light their sparklers.

It was mainly our kids and gkids, but a few friends showed up, too. Tim & Kim w/g-daughters. Wes and Christie w/Cody and Eric. Greg and Angie w/kids. And, of course, Papa, Nana, Lewayne and Virgil. It was a fun day.
Keith cooking sausages and hot dogs. Wes brought some great ribs. The kids played on the water slide and raced four wheelers (until Kim found out). The weather was hot during the day, but cooled down enough to sit outside in the evening. From our place you can see fireworks all around the horizon. Friday night we were able to watch the Waxahachie display from our front porch!
Here are our gkids. First pix from the top, our youngest, Grant, Micah, Jarrett and Brooke.

Second pix is Chance, Peyton and Kelsey. Good looks run in the family!

Just look at Elese, Charli and Kim with her friend Angie:

Al looking out across the pasture. Watching everyone having fun. The guys got to shoot some skeet later in the day while Lewayne, Christie and I took Kelsey on a quick shopping trip.
Hope you all had a great holiday with your loved ones, too. We certainly missed everyone who wasn't there. Maybe next year.
Al felt really good this past week, except when he overdid. He gets pain in his back and arm when he lifts too much or bends too much. He begins 2 full weeks of radiation treatments on his arm today.
He looks really good, though, doesn't he?

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